Med Q&A

why choose Med Q&A

Our goal at Med Q&A is to provide an alternative to Health Insurance for people who cannot afford the real cost of Healthcare. At, we connect Survivors with all forms of Cancer with each other (as well as with HIV and many other medical and health conditions) and help them Video Conference with each other immediately. IT'S FREE! We also provide Doctor Networks, as well as Nurse, Caregiver and other Healthcare Professional Networks. We also provide FREE (video conference) Support Groups. We also provide a FREE Healthcare-centric Marketplace for medical devices and healthcare equipment. We also provide a FREE Tissue-Donor Network. We also provide FREE Webinars, which are led by Doctors, patients and family members. Joe Andrew (Director of Outreach) & Med Q&A staff: a small group of people trying to make a difference in this world.
Med Q&A Corp.
340 S.Lemon Avenue,#2350
Walnut, CA 91789
(888) 518-6690